The Rules


The core rules for The Wayward Road cover our code of conduct.

We expect everyone coming to the game to abide by these rules:

– NB: IC = In Character, OOC = Out of Character

  1. You must be over 18 to play The Wayward Road Lrp.
  2. Any references to non-consensual sex or sex with minors is not allowed, this includes OOC and after time out as well as IC and during time-ish.
  3. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect and remember the difference between Out of Character and In Character interactions. There is plenty of strife and numerous prejudices between characters; HOWEVER—This should have nothing to do with a player’s ethnicity, sexuality, gender or any similar distinction.
  4. SAFETY–SAFETY is the OOC call for a First Aider; hence this should only be used for an Out of Character injury (losing your glasses counts as an OOC injury). If you hear it, please repeat it if necessary, stop ALL combat and let the First Aiders in to deal with the situation.
  5. BREAK – BREAK is The Wayward Road LRP’s safe word. If in any situation someone says BREAK and holds up hands this is an instruction to back off. Either that person thinks you have gone too far and made them OOC uncomfortable in the situation, or you are invading their personal space to a degree they are now OOC feeling unsafe. Ignoring BREAK by either not stopping what you’re saying or backing off physically will be taken seriously.
  6. For points 3, 4 and 5 please note none of the following excuses are acceptable: “I was only joking”, “I was in-character”, “I was drunk”, “I’m his mate and he doesn’t mind”.
  7. Don’t fight while drunk.
  8. Don’t take illegal substances on the site; they will be confiscated, you will be asked to leave the site and we will call the police.
  9. Mostly we’re just asking you not to break Wheaton’s Law or Rule 7 (Don’t be a dick/take the piss). This means: Don’t break the above rules; Don’t cheat (this includes what is known as “power playing”, The Wayward Road is an inclusive game and aims to provide game for everyone, you have all paid the same ticket price at the end of the day); Do — if you feel someone is cheating, fighting unsafely or making players OOC uncomfortable, speak to a ref rather than confronting them directly.


We encourage any individual who experiences sexual harassment or harassment or prejudice of any kind to report the incident to a ref at the earliest opportunity so we can deal with the situation appropriately. You may report to any of the core crew of The Wayward Road and we will take all complaints seriously; we will make sure you are aware of who we count as core crew in this situation, and the time in briefs on Friday night will highlight core crew as well. However, if you do not want to speak to anyone in person, then Sean Bonnar or Stacey Chittenden would be the best people to speak to. If you don’t want to speak to any of us the rest of the core crew will be available.

We are dedicated to making The Wayward Road an inclusive event and we oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. We will investigate all complaints as thoroughly as possible keeping the complainant as anonymous as we can.

We will be operating on a “one warning policy”. A warning will be given in writing, detailing the complaint and warning the accused that another report against them will see them banned from all The Wayward Roadgames in the future.


Time in depends on the event, the weather and how tired crew and players are, however, we aim for the timings to be as follows.

Time in at 8pm on Friday night until time-ish is called, 10am Saturday until time-ish is called and 10am Sunday morning till 12/1ish Sunday afternoon depending on what’s happening and site leaving times. Time out will be on Sunday.

At time-ish, we will try and arrange an OOC area for people to sit and chat away from the areas that people will be sleeping in or Role Playing still. Time-ish means no ref interaction/calls will be available from that point on and no plot will be provided. If you wish to stay up and role play at people that is your decision, but we ask that you are mindful of other people trying to rest and keep interactions as quiet as possible in areas that might disturb players or crew.


Non-combatants are welcome to the game; although be aware that The Wayward Road is a full contact game and conflict will be frequent. If someone is unable to take part in combat, we will ensure players and crew are aware of such during the pre-game player briefing. Non-combatants should, if they find themselves in or around a combat, raise a hand and OOC declare their status as a non-combatant. If a combatant character is within arm’s reach of the non-combatant, they may inform the non-combatant they are attacking them (this could be followed by a snarl/series of monologuing quotes) — at which point the Non-com should drop to ZERO (0) points on their torso and begin their bleed count. No one is safe in the world of The Wayward Road.


We expect everyone in the IC area to be In Character at all times. Please be respectful of anyone who might be role playing within hearing range if you drop OOC near to IC area. We will tell you at the pre-event briefing what each of the buildings represent.


If your character dies in The Wayward Road, you may phys-rep your corpse for as long as it remains fun and then return to the crew hut. At that point you can opt to join the crew for some or all of the rest of the event or to generate a new character. Someone at the crew hut will be able to answer your questions and provide you with the appropriate briefs for a new character. We would prefer players not to just re-gen the same character and would advise bringing a backup character concept and kit with you. We are happy to loan kit if we have any spare and appropriate kit will be kept in the crew hut.


You will be introduced to the Ref Team at the pre-event briefing. At least one ref should be around the player area at all times. We are attempting to keep our refs out of high-vis jackets, they will be in the player area as characters but they will always be approachable to ask any questions – just please try not to interrupt them role playing with PC’s. If there isn’t a relevant ref there, they will at least be able to radio one from there.

If any NPC states Ref call and then says something, that effect happens immediately and should be reacted to.

If a Ref calls a “TIME FREEZE”, please close your eyes and remain where you are. This mechanic will allow a scene to be set. The Ref might explain to you what is about to happen or just give you some generic info. When the Ref shouts “TIME IN”, you will then be able to open your eyes and continue with the scene at exactly the same point.

We will have refs dedicated to plot, and one of them should always be available in play time.

The monster and safety ref will likely be in a high vis jacket near to combat; any worries about unsafe fighting or archery or any combat problems should be reported ASAP to that person. 


People wearing a high-vis jacket are not there IC. They are likely either refs or a photographer/First Aider. You can approach refs for rules or questions but they cannot be interacted with IC.

People holding one hand above their head are not visible. We are not using the hand- above- head rule often, but it might become necessary for PCs who feel the need to go OOC quickly or to cycle dead monsters.

(This is separate from those with fists on their heads, who ARE there, but are invisible. Please see Common Calls for futher information)


Every character and NPC will be provided with a brief that is relevant to their background and skill picks before and during event (for NPCs and newly generated characters). Any questions before or during the event can be addressed to any member of the Ref Team. If we do not have the answer, we will find you someone that does!

Some skills in this document are purposefully vague. This is to ensure a certain mystique for some of the skills available. If you wish to purchase a skill but would like to know more about it, please drop us a line pre-event at, or see a ref during events.